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    TrekNap™ - Noise Canceling Travel Pillow


    “I am usually not a fan of neck pillows as I think it does more harm to my sleep rather than good. HOWEVER, after using this product, I now understand why neck pillow are a necessity to people when they travel. It provides the right amount of support and comfort for my neck and I can't wait to bring it along with me when I travel for the holidays! “

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Joan Tay
    Verified Buyer


    Traveling, while thrilling and adventurous, often comes with its fair share of inconvenience and discomforts. One persistent issue that plague every traveler worldwide - the dreaded neck pain and discomfort from inadequate support head and neck during long trips. Sleeping in awkward upright positions, leaves adventurers with a headache and stiff neck, diminishing the much-awaited trip or vacation. 

    Introducing TrekNap™ ergonomic travel pillow, the nylon mesh and memory foam-made accessory that offers a gateway to a world of comfort and ease. The musculoskeletal-friendly aid has revolutionary three-dimensional support, cradling the neck and head to allow both to stay in a natural position. This luxurious companion makes any expedition a breeze with unparalleled support and relaxation.



    A Soundless Oasis: Block out the chaos of the world and step into a soundless oasis of peace with TrekNap™.  Its noise-reducing pillow silences disturbances, making every travel experience truly peaceful.

    Ergonomic Bliss:  TrekNap™ is made with the perfect balance of support and comfort. It cradles the neck and head in a cushioned support system, alleviating tension and promoting better sleep.

    Recharged for Adventures: Encourage rest and get comfortable anywhere, anytime with the travel pillow that's perfect for in-between energy-driven activities. With TrekNap™, recover before the next destination.

    Versatile and Portable: Compact and easy to carry, this travel must-have can fit in a carry-on. TrekNap™'s lightweight build is perfect for multiple stop-overs and layovers, be it in planes, trains, or buses.

    Premium Quality, Lasting Comfort: TrekNap™ is crafted with premium, skin-friendly materials to last a lifetime. Finally have a power nap ready accessory for quality and consistent comfort throughout every journey.


    We understand that going from one destination to another means traveling by air, land, or water, which is not only a hassle, but is the least sleep-inducing environment. The never-ending drone of the airplane's engines or the bombardment of loud motors makes it impossible to have some shut-eye for just a few minutes. A recent study shows that prolonged exposure to noise levels above 85 dB can cause hearing damage.

    Thankfully TrekNap™ doubles as a noise-canceling pillow, enveloping each traveler in a bubble of silence, even amidst the most chaotic surroundings. Made with seven layers of rigorously tested material barriers, it reduces up to 30 dB, perfect for leveling each environmental noise into a healthy stimulus. Simply slip into the comfort and performance-forward ear dips and finally create a moment of unwinding anywhere, anytime. 



    Product Specifications

    Dimension: 8.66 in x 7.91 in x 7.64 in


    Package Contents

    (1) TrekNap™ Noise Canceling Travel Pillow


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