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    CoreForge™ - Abdominal Wheel


    "I bought this ab roller and I am happy about it! it has a built in brake for a smoother and can be easily controlled. It has a flat support machine with anti slip materials that reduce noise and for shock absorption. The wide wheels provide better control. It works silently and it doesn’t scratch my floor. With this amazing abs roller, it’s easier to get the ab exercise that I have been planning to do for a long time. Just follow the instructions”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Kyle M.
    Verified Buyer

    For individuals deeply passionate about fitness, the quest for innovative workout solutions remains paramount. A notable hurdle is the scarcity of methods that comprehensively address core strength, stability, and endurance. Such limitations can culminate in a sense of stagnation and unfulfilled potential.

    Introducing CoreForge™, a cutting-edge revolution poised to transform the fitness landscape with innovative advancements. Unlike ordinary ab wheels, it features three strategically positioned wheels that enhance stability and expand the range of motion. As a result, CoreForge™ enables dynamic and efficient workouts, leading to improved strength and endurance.


    ✅ Enhanced Stability: The innovative three-wheel system of CoreForge™ ensures increased balance and control during workouts. This unique design feature fosters a more confident and secure exercise experience, elevating an overall sense of well-being.

    Expanded Range of Motion: CoreForge™ allows for a wider range of motion compared to traditional ab wheels. Consequently, it makes it possible to engage in more muscle groups and attain a more thorough core workout, fostering a more comprehensive exercise routine.

    Three Levels of Assistance: CoreForge™ offers three levels of assistance, catering to different fitness levels. By facilitating customized workouts, it enhances effectiveness and promotes progression.

    ✅ LED Display: The built-in LED display on CoreForge™ counts calories burned during the workout. Real-time feedback, motivating and keeping informed about training progress.

    ✅ Automatic Rebound System: CoreForge™ is equipped with an automatic rebound system. It ensures smooth and controlled movements, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing workout efficiency.

    Enlarged Elbow Support Pad: The enlarged elbow support pad on CoreForge™ provides extra comfort during workouts. This makes training longer, more enjoyable and comfortable.

    We understand the challenge of dealing with fitness equipment that doesn’t meet your needs. It can be a disappointment when the ab wheel you’re using lacks the stability and support necessary for an effective workout. In fact, a recent study revealed that about 60% of fitness enthusiasts have experienced this issue, leading to less-than-optimal results and hindering progress.

    CoreForge™ is the ideal solution for effective and comfortable workout equipment. Its unique three-wheel design and automatic rebound system ensure stability, an expanded range of motion, and smooth movements. With CoreForge™, undergo a revolution in fitness routines, paving the way for stronger, healthier, and more confident.

    Product Specifications

    Dimension: 40x33x2

    Package Contents

    (1) CoreForge™ three-wheel elbow support abdominal wheel
    (1) Special kneeling pad

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