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    PowerFlow™ - Multifunctional RGB Alarm Clock


    “This is an amazing bright alarm clock and charger combo that is so cool!! The brightness is a great nightlight that can be whatever color you want! This clock has a great loud and crisp sound!! It's very easy to read and would make a great gift especially to those kiddos that need a charger and love neon led lights!!” 

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dawn C
    Verified Buyer


    For busy young professionals and college students juggling multiple responsibilities, the problem of a cluttered side table and a low-battery phone adds unnecessary stress to already hectic lives. The jumble of charging cables and accessories makes it difficult to locate the phone during crucial moments, such as morning alarms or urgent calls. These anxiety-inducing situations start the day on the wrong foot. 

    Introducing PowerFlow™, the 9-in-1 RGB Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging for organization and an instantaneous boost of productivity. The multifunctional device quickly and efficiently declutters the bedside essentials by providing an alarm clock, charging dock, bluetooth speaker, and RGB lighting all rolled into one Smart Home Hub. Upgrade home and lifestyle with the perfect blend of organization and ambiance-setting. 


    Synchronize the Circadian Rhythm: Wake up naturally with the sunrise simulation that allows the body to adjust from deep sleep to an energized day. PowerFlow™ mimics the yellow hues to welcome the morning with a smile

    ✅ Customizable Colors, Ambiance and Mood: With an array of hundreds of color choices, use PowerFlow™ to build the perfect ambiance in any room. Activate multiple colors at once for a flow state or shift into a solid colorway to set the mood. 

    Wireless Charging Hub: PowerFlow™ amps up the work-life balance with its  Qi-enabled charging pad for compatible phones and smart devices.  Streamline bedside table organization with the convenience of wireless charging.  

    Set the Day’s Tone: With Powerflow™'s Bluetooth speaker, easily generate an audio-visual experience to leverage any situation.  Combine green hues with tried and proven beats for focus and productivity, or use blue lighting and soothing tunes for deep sleep.  

    Minimalist Design, Maximum Impact: Sleek and performance-forward, the Smart Home device blends perfectly with any bedroom decor, making it an eye-catching centerpiece. Less is more with PowerFlow™'s cutting-edge technology at a touch of a finger tip. 


    We understand that transitioning from sleep to a wakeful state can feel physically taxing, leaving anyone feeling groggy, soured, and disoriented. This almost impossible feat of jolting awake to feel fully alert after only a few minutes or hours of sleep leads to the consistent snoozing of alarms.  A recent study shows that 1/3 of adults sleep less than the doctor recommended seven hours of sleep. 

    Thankfully PowerFlow™ syncs the body's circadian rhythm by revolutionizing everyday sleep and relaxation. Start the day right with its built-in alarm clock and speaker that simulates a natural sunrise with soft, gradually brightening light and calming sounds, and cap off the night with the Smart lamp's sleep-inducing red hues. Embrace better sleep, wake up refreshed, and take charge of the day. 

    Product Specifications 

    Dimension: 8.86  in x 3.23 x 9.01 in x 1.51 in


    Package Contents

    (1) PowerFlow™ - Multifunctional RGB Alarm Clock


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