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    VitaHeal™ - Ultimate Therapy


    "Just like the professional machines. Those who are complaining that it’s too hard have no idea what it’s like to have a professionally done treatment for thousands of dollars. It’s unbelievable that this is available to the public and you should learn how to use it or go have a professional session done first. This is amazing quality for the price as well."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Cassandra B.
    Verified Buyer

    In the realm of health and wellness, the pursuit of pain relief and improved physical appearance remains paramount. Despite the availability of various treatments, finding an effective, non-invasive solution that addresses muscle soreness, skin health, and overall well-being continues to be elusive. This gap often leaves individuals feeling frustrated and helpless, as they struggle to find relief that is both effective and sustainable.

    Introducing VitaHeal™, the innovative solution designed to target and alleviate muscle soreness and promote healthier skin. This device uniquely combines Gua Sha scraping, vacuum cupping, and fascia blasting, harnessing the power of these proven therapies to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and enhance skin elasticity. Experience significant physical relief and visible firmer and clearer skin, enhancing both health and appearance.


    MULTI-FUNCTIONAL THERAPY: VitaHeal™ combines Gua Sha scraping, vacuum cupping, and fascia blasting into one seamless device. This integration allows for a comprehensive treatment approach, enhancing health and flexibility.

    PAIN RELIEF: Equipped with Gua Sha scraping and cupping that target pain's root causes through myofascial release. By reducing muscle tension and inflammation, it promotes faster recovery and a pain-free lifestyle.

    SKIN HEALTH ENHANCEMENT: VitaHeal™ includes settings specifically designed to firm and tighten the skin. Improved skin elasticity and appearance contribute to a youthful, vibrant look and boost self-confidence.

    PORTABLE CONVENIENCE: The compact and handheld design makes it easy to carry and use anywhere, at any time. This mobility ensures that wellness routines can continue while travelling, maintaining health and relaxation on the go.

    ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY LEVELS: With three levels of suction power and a heating function, it`s tailored to meet various individual needs and preferences. These customizable settings enable a personalized treatment experience that optimizes health outcomes and comfort.


    1. Apply a massage oil, anti-cellulite cream, or gel to the skin, depending on the chosen procedure.
    2. Install the nozzle, set a clean, replaceable filter, and connect the nozzle to the device.
    3. Set the duration of the procedure and choose the mode.
    4. If necessary, activate the thermal therapy function.
    Do not perform a vacuum massage immediately after eating!

    We understand the frustration and limitation that come from persistent muscle soreness and skin conditions that just don't seem to improve. It can be disheartening to miss out on favorite activities or feel self-conscious about one's appearance due to these ongoing issues. A recent study shows that targeted physical therapy techniques like cupping and Gua Sha can significantly reduce pain and improve skin health.

    VitaHeal™ is the ideal solution for those seeking effective relief and rejuvenation. This device not only addresses pain and skin concerns but also enhances overall well-being through its multifunctional capabilities. Imagine a life where every day feels full of potential, free from the constraints of discomfort and self-consciousness— VitaHeal™ makes this possible.


    Weight: 960 g;  
    Dimensions:  5.2x20.8 cm;
    Rechargeable, 3h autonomy in use;  


    1x Massager;
    3x Nozzles;
    Replaceable filters; 
    Charging cable

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