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    WaveLoom™-Snorkel Mask

    Sea blue
    Light green

    "I love this mask. As long as you tighten & adjust it to your face it provides a great seal from water getting in while snorkeling. I just used it during a two-week trip in the Caribbean and it worked. I used it in pools to test, the beach, and snorkeling in open water sites it held up amazingly. I was pleasantly surprised considering the scuba instructor led me to believe the mask was not good for open water but it held up much better than the masks they provided me with & kept the water out. I was able to control my breathing & breathe well in the mask. The electric option that expels the carbon is simply perfect for moderate swimmers."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Carmen V Rosario
    Verified Buyer

    Submerging into the ocean's depths unveils a world teeming with vibrant marine life and breathtaking landscapes. However, foggy masks and difficult breathing painfully disrupt this awe-inspiring experience, diminishing its beauty. This reality often leads to profound frustration in the quest for gear that facilitates a seamless underwater journey.

    WaveLoom™, the game-changer in snorkeling technology. It uses advanced, anti-fog technology and redesigned breathing system to ensure clear vision and easy breath under water. WaveLoom™, makes snorkeling more enjoyable and immersive, making every underwater adventure unforgettable.


    ✅ UNPARALLELED BREATHING EASE: The WaveLoom's ™ built-in electric blower system revolutionizes the snorkeling experience by ensuring a seamless supply of oxygen. This feature offers snorkelers the freedom to explore underwater without the interruption of breathing difficulties.

    ✅ CRYSTAL-CLEAR VIEWS: Thanks to WaveLoom's ™ separate circulation system, the view remains unobstructed by fog, allowing the beauty of the ocean to shine through. Snorkelers can now enjoy uninterrupted views of marine life, enhancing the thrill of exploration.

    A LEAK-FREE ADVENTURE: The superior silicone seal of WaveLoom™ guarantees a snug fit, eliminating the inconvenience of water leakage. This ensures a comfortable and dry snorkeling experience, allowing adventurers to focus solely on the wonders around.

    LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE: The WaveLoom™ features an original battery design that supports extended underwater exploration. With hours of operation on a single charge, snorkelers can indulge in longer, uninterrupted sessions of discovery and adventure.

    SUPERIOR EFFORTLESS PORTABILITY: The innovative, foldable design of the WaveLoom™ dramatically enhances its appeal for travelers. With this feature, snorkelers can effortlessly pack and transport essential gear, guaranteeing readiness for a spontaneous dive into the aquatic realm.


    1. Long-press the power button on the snorkel tube to activate the vent fan.
    2. Enjoy 150 min. of snorkeling with a 2400 mAh battery at 8000 RPM fan speed.
    3. The mask's sensor switch controls the automatic airflow system.
    4. The fan operates when above water to refresh the mask's air.
    5. The fan stops when submerged to prevent water entry.
    6. A flashing red light and alarm sound- low battery. Press the power button to silence.
    7. Can be used as a standard full-face snorkel mask if battery depletes.
    8. Dry the charging contacts before charging. Do not charge with water on the contacts.

      We understand the disappointment when traditional snorkeling gear obscures the awe of underwater marvels with foggy masks and laborious breathing. Envision the moment of encountering the underwater spectacle, only for it to be blurred by a fogged lens or breath becoming a struggle. Research indicates that 80% of snorkelers yearn for gear that won’t interrupt their immersion.

      WaveLoom™ emerges as the premier solution for snorkelers craving an unparalleled exploration experience beneath the waves. Utilizing anti-fog technology paired with a revolutionary breathing system, it gives snorkelers crystal-clear views and breaths as natural as on land. This innovative approach transforms every underwater venture into a vivid and seamless connection with marine life. 


      Folded Size: 29 x 19 x 11.4 cm
      Unfolded Size: 41 x 19 x 16.5 cm
      Weight: 0.59 kg/1.3lb
      Rechargeable Lithium Battery: 2400 mAh


      1 x Snorkeling Mask
      1 x Charging Cord
      1 x Camera Mount
      1 x Nut and Screw Set
      1 x User Manual

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